"J-High is creating that new sound to Hip-Hop and has quickly established a name for himself in the under ground music scene". 

About J-High

J-High is one of the most influential and sought after artists in the Florida underground scene. With his amazing talent and unquestionable charm, he has managed to find a loyal fan base. He has not taken the conventional route to become an artist to be admired, but rather, he has maintained a low profile and despite that managed to create a whole market for himself. He did not get attention by tabloids or by becoming a big shot celebrity. His fame is solely based upon his incredible talent and his music, which has a special position in the hearts of his fans. His albums have a special feel to them and his music speaks to the masses.The most ironic thing about J-High is that he is not a signed artist; he is pure raw talent who has surfaced on the basis of good music. He has not yet been signed to any label and his music has been made popular by the internet and clubs. He has not used any conventional means of marketing himself. This shows that his music, like his personality, is raw and speaks to the people. Despite venturing into the commercial market he has managed to keep his music with the same raw feel."

  • Read About It (Intro) Freestyle3:11
  • Im just saying (skit)0:18
  • Whole Notha Ball Game2:52
  • Let the war begin4:03
  • Choppa talk3:22
  • Digital Loyalty4:43
  • Thats How it is3:32
  • K.A.R.M.A feat: KT (Juiceboyz)3:55
  • Money talk2:58
  • My Black Flag4:24
  • Lost in the sauce(freestyle)1:47
  • Jungle Juice3:31



No Brakes Tour

Munich, Germany

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